Thursday, November 20, 2008

MyeVyu Apps -Installation Site

Here's the link from where you can install the MyeVyu Applications. You just need to drag and drop the contents of the zip onto your iTunes and then Sync it with your device!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

UM Buildings

UM Buildings helps students find where they need to be on campus. This application retrieves information about any of the buildings on campus and helps the student easily locate the building on a map. You can also jump to the location in the Maps application in order to find directions or save the location.

UM Services

UMServices is a quick and easy place to find information that students find themselves constantly looking up such as: Student Schedule, Grades, UMPortal, Dining Menus, Hoff Theater Schedules.

We all know that inputting your username and password on a touchscreen device such as an iPhone isn't always easy, but with UMServices, you only have to input your password for the first time you need it in that run. Go to another service, and your already logged in!


Have you ever left your car parked in a lot all day and had trouble recalling where that darn spot was? Or maybe you just need to remember exactly where you were earlier for any other reason?

MyeSpot is the answer to this very irritating situation. It allows you to tap the screen to record your current location, so that at any later time, you can open up the application and get a visual indication of where you are in relation to that spot. MyeSpot utilizes the iPhoneOS's Location framework on either the iPhone(+aGPS) or iPod Touch. 


MyeTransit is for commuters and residents who use Shuttle-UM and Metro to get around campus and DC. It reads station sign information from and shuttletrac information and presents that in a single page. MyeTransit takes advantage of the iPhone's location framework (GPS on the 3G phone, or cell tower location and wi-fi on the 2G) to determine where you are show which stops or stations are nearby, making it easy to find the most convenient stop.

Tap entries to modify your start page and find more information about Shuttle-UM stops. You may use our MIND-lab caching server to get automatic updates to the page, else reload using the reload icon at the bottom.

More detail is available at the mytransit help page. Comments welcome!

Starting up

At the moment, this is a test of the iPhone application announcement and feedback blog, to see if this interface will be usable enough.

If this works, the purpose is to:
  1. announce updates and bug fixes,
  2. solicit feedback (as comments),
  3. encourage collaboration and discussion,
  4. exchange ideas about new UM-specific applications.